Victoria Vegan Fest



We have another amazing assortment of vendors for 2014! Visiting from the US is Beanfields Snacks*, and returning from Vancouver is Fairy Cakes*. All other vendors are proudly Vancouver Islanders, and we’re excited to welcome Arbonne (a la Lori Wheeler), Buns Boutique, Dad’s Awesome Sauces*, Diablo’s Tacos*, The Edge Food Company*, Good Seed Hemp Company*, Mylkmaid Beverages*, Pure Lovin’ Chocolate*, Rawthentic Victoria* and the Vegan Police. All our vendors are 100% vegan, and our event is unique in highlighting and celebrating vegan companies. (* indicates food samples and/or for sale)

We’ve expanded our range of non-profits, and are looking forward to seeing Animal Voices, the Fur-Bearer Defenders, Loveavore, Mercy for Animals, OrganicAthlete Victoria, Sea Shepherd, The Victoria Vegan and VCARE – all working in BC to speak up for animals!