Victoria Vegan Fest


May 31, 2012
by Admin

Salsa Night – Friday!!

Holy Carrots!
We are so busy right now.

First – let me (Sarah) say THANK YOU to everyone who donated an item for the online fundraiser. Please check out our “Sponsor” page and visit each and every one of them. Buy something. Shop vegan. Support vegan!! 🙂

And a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated their cold hard cash and helped us reach our goal of $1000. Your support means the world to me and I appreciate it very much.

Dave, the volunteers and I have been working tirelessly to organize the Victoria Vegan Fest – but Friday night we are going to let our hair down and get our salsa on!!

8:30-9:30pm is a lesson and 9:30pm onwards is dancing!

Tickets must be purchased in advance. $15-25 sliding scale (it’s a fundraiser, please be generous), and are only available at Sarah’s Place and Vshoen.

The event is at Club Salsa in the Victoria Event Centre, 1415 Broad St but tickets will not be sold at the door. Only at Sarah’s Place and Vshoen.

Sarah’s Place will be giving away a prize for “best dressed” so dress to impress!! Hope to see you there!! 🙂


May 29, 2012
by Admin

#VVF2012 Poster

The new #VVF2012 poster is done!! Designed by the talented Kelly at Thinking Cap Design.

If you would like to help us get the word out about the festival by postering at your work or your local cafe – you can grab a poster at Sarah’s Place (533 Pandora Ave) on Thursday.

We also have them available for download…

Click HERE to download the full poster.
Click HERE to download the mini-flyer poster.

May 15, 2012
by Admin

Victoria Vegan Fest online fundraiser!

We’ve been doing a lot of local fundraising for the event (festivals cost a lot of $$ to run). Thank you Victoria.  🙂 We have also been receiving lots messages and tweets from those of you who live out of town who want to help. So we decided to organize an ONLINE fundraiser. 🙂

You can simply just donate cold hard cash – or you can choose one of the perks that are listed on the fundraising website. Some of the prizes are limited to Victoria or North America only and are clearly marked. Some perks are limited edition – meaning only a few are available. So if you snooze – you lose.

So visit the online fundraising page HERE. Every dollar goes directly to funding The Victoria Vegan Fest!! BIG thanks to all the sponsors who donated perks – and BIG thanks to YOU for all your help!!



April 26, 2012
by Admin


Hey everyone! The bake sale is on Saturday, and this is all the 411 for you, please read!

Please bring your goodies by Sarah’s Place (533 Pandora Ave) around 11:30am on Saturday. Later is fine as well, tho we’d prefer the majority by noon. If you cannot make to it Sarah’s Place on Saturday, you can drop off at Dave’s place on Friday – I’m near the Thrifty’s in Fairfield.

Ingredients Listing – please be sure to write up a list of all ingredients! Consider sharing your recipe as well. (Very important for people with allergies. Frustrating seeing something that *might* be fine, but not knowing!)

Pricing – no need to list a price, all items will be ‘By Donation’.

Fun Item Names – don’t be shy, have some fun naming your goodies, and feel free to draw or create a graphic! There may be a prize for most creative!

Cupcake Alert – I’m amazed, so far only ONE PERSON has offered cup cakes!!?? What’s going on? We need more cup cakes, stat!!!

Baking TipsHERE are some tips for vegan baking, and also watch out for ‘secret’ animal products, such as whey, casein, honey, gelatin, etc..

Containers & Presentation – hopefully you can come back later to pick up your container, but if not, we’ll hold onto for you, PLEASE LABEL WITH YOUR NAME IF YOU WANT IT BACK!! Also, ideally baked goods should be easy to walk off with, with just a napkin or in a paper bag. (If your name isn’t on your container, we’re not responsible if it goes missing..sorry!)

Confirm What You’re Bringingplease let Dave know if you haven’t already, we haven’t heard from a number of people and are a little worried!

Volunteers – 1-2 people needed to oversee the Raffle portion, and another 1-2 for the event itself, email Dave if you can help and want to hang out and chat with people! Also, Dave need help transporting supplies, prizes, etc.. Is anyone in the Fairfield area driving that can help out? Email Dave if you can help.

Raffle – As a thank-you, all bakers will receive a ticket into the raffle – lots of great prizes this year!

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, otherwise we’ll see you Saturday morning.

Again: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! It’s so great to have you showing off how good vegan food is, and setting such amazing examples, as well as enabling us to organize the Victoria Vegan Festival. =)

April 24, 2012
by Admin

World Wide Vegan Bakesale Day!!

Hey everyone!
A quick reminder that our 3rd Annual World Wide Vegan Bake Sale event is this coming Saturday, Apr 28th, from 12-4pm!

We have a new location this year, at Sarah’s Place, in Market Square off Pandora, which is good, offering some shelter from the elements, and also more space to spread out! We could use more bakers – we’re hoping for a huge array of vegan goodies, so please get in touch with me if you’d like to contribute something, either sweet or savory! The money raised will all be going to the Victoria Vegan Fest – mark Canada Day off on your calendar for the first-ever Vegan Festival in Victoria! We’ll have speakers and tables and all sorts of events to celebrate veganism. Check the website for more info.

Peas out!
Dave Shishkoff