Victoria Vegan Fest


2014 Victoria Vegan Fest!


Festival Event Details

On the main stage, we’re excited to welcome back Vesanto Melina, vegan dietician, as a speaker. Also, Deb Gleason, vegan coach and chef, and Fireweed, ecofeminist vegan. Full details on our presenters here. We’ll also have two cooking demos, ‘A Vegan Taste of  México’ and ‘A Speedy Death By Chocolate’!We’ll also be wrapping up with a Vegan Discussion Panel, a first for the VVF! Click here for the full schedule.

We have another amazing assortment of vendors for 2014! Visiting from the US is Beanfields Snacks*, and returning from Vancouver is Fairy Cakes*. All other vendors are proudly Vancouver Islanders, and we’re excited to welcome Arbonne (a la Lori Wheeler), Buns Boutique, Dad’s Awesome Sauces*, Diablo’s Tacos*, The Edge Food Company*, Good Seed Hemp Company*, Pure Lovin’ Chocolate*, Rawthentic Victoria* and the Vegan Police. All our vendors are 100% vegan, and our event is unique in highlighting and celebrating vegan companies. (* indicates food samples and/or for sale)

We’ve expanded our range of non-profits, and are looking forward to seeing Animal Voices, the Fur-Bearer Defenders, Loveavore, Mercy for Animals, OrganicAthlete Victoria, Sea Shepherd, The Victoria Vegan and VCARE – all working in BC to speak up for animals!

Other News

* read about our Silent Auction!

* We have a fun new interview series: This is What a Vegan Looks Like – check it out!

* Help get word out, download our poster (PDF) and print up a few for stores or coffee shops you frequent!

* We’ll soon be announcing our speakers, vendors and non-profits! We’re happy to welcome back a number of vendors, plus a few new surprises!

* We’ll have a couple more FUNdraising events coming up, including a Silent Auction!

Keep up-to-date, make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter! Our hashtag this year is #VVF2014, spread it around!

Looking back:

2014-wwvbsd_web* Our bake sale was a success, with lots of goodies, check out our report here!

* We had a great discussion after the screening of The Ghosts in Our Machine, catch up here including video of the full discussion.

* The Seattle Veg Fest was a hoot, we spoke with hundreds of people, and hopefully we’ll see a bunch of you on Canada Day!


Keep an eye on this page for updates, looking forward to seeing you on Canada Day!!

– Dave and the VVF Crew

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